Book Reviews

The Social Construction of Death

The Social Construction of Death: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Edited by Leen Van Brussel and Nico Carpentier (2014) Palgrave Macmillian   Thanatological research in the social sciences and the humanities acknowledges that death is culturally and socially embedded. The idea of the social construction of death has been taken on board, albeit slowly, by the social and cultural study of death, but explicit reflections on the underlying ontologies and epistemologies of this paradigm remain scarce. This edited volume aims to strengthen the…

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Badger’s Parting Gift – for ages 3 and up

Susan Varley, Badger’s Parting Gift by Andersen Press (2013) This is one of the most recommended books to read to young children to teach them about death and loss in sensitive and caring ways. It is good to read before the child has suffered a loss in order to raise awareness of death and use as a discussion point. It is also a good book to use when discussing the loss of a grandparent. Follow the link to read what others…

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The Graveyard Book Review

The novel is particularly poignant in its portrayal of the often isolating feeling of loss, alongside the crucial role that communities, friends and family can play in overcoming this.

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H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald

Having just won the coveted 2014 Samuel Johnson prize for non-fiction, we thought we should feature Helen MacDonald’s book ‘H is for Hawk’ here. It tells the story of how her father’s death prompted Helen to follow a childhood dream and become a falconer. She discusses how the experience of working with a bird of prey, being in natural surroundings and feeling her soul sore with the bird helped her to gain a new insight into death, grief and loss.…

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Humour as a Salve

Force, N (May 3, 2011) Humor’s Hidden Power: Weapon, Shield and Psychological Salve, Braeden Press It is often said that “laughter is the best medicine,” but this aphorism fails to fully express the power inherent in humor. Humour’s Hidden Power reveals how humor has empowered people to overcome overwhelming circumstances throughout history, how laughter changes brain chemistry and functioning, how the genders use humor differently, and the ways in which comedians have used humor to heal themselves and others through…

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Semites and Stereotypes–Gallows Humour

Ziv, A & Zajdman, A (June 30, 1993) Semites and Stereotypes: Characteristics of Jewish Humor, Greenwood Press   With an ongoing international conference, Jewish humour has been a subject of serious scholarly enquiry. Most academic publications, however, have been individual works representing a particular thesis or viewpoint, generally on literary aspects. The present collection of essays by scholars from England, France, the United States, Denmark, Israel and Australia explores the characteristics of Jewish humour from a variety of perspectives, including…

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