Thinking differently

In this section we invite people from diverse cultures and walks of life to write about different ways of thinking about death, whether it is from a religious or philosophical perspective or a new way of thinking about one of life’s greatest mysteries.This is the place to come when you want a different perspective on death. It is a good place to learn about some social and cultural views and perspectives about death that you may be unfamiliar with.Please contact us if you are interested in hearing from a particular social, cultural or ethnic group. Let us know if you get something beneficial from of our Chronicles and please pass-it-on

CEDAR  Education
CEDAR  Education  is  dedicated  to  teaching everyone  how  to  understand,  accept  and  respond to  death,  dying  and  loss  in  healthy  and appropriate  ways  with  clients,  patients,  students, and  in  personal  relationships.
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