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Katy’s blog #8 ‘Designs in Mind’ and The ‘Good Grief’ Leaf Project

‘Designs in Mind’ and The ‘Good Grief’ Leaf Project On behalf of CEDAR CIC, I recently visited an inspiring group of people who meet every week in Oswestry at ‘Designs in Mind’, which was previously known as ‘The Project Group’. I interviewed a lady named Lianna who attends the group and she explained to me that everyone who goes to the group benefits greatly through making art and crafts and how this helps their mental health and wellbeing.  It was…

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thumbnail of KatyKaty’s Blog #7 -‘Day of the Dead’

  Day of the Dead and the YHC promotional day with CEDAR C.I.C. I was back again with the Young Health Champions and CEDAR C.I.C. as we celebrated the ‘Day of the Dead’ otherwise known as Halloween or all souls day. Not only was this a celebration at this most poignant time in our calendar, this was also the first day of opening for a new facility for the Young Health Champions in Shropshire.  Located at the Riverside shopping centre in…

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CEDAR Leaves on the Table

Katy’s Blog #6 – Good Grief

‘Good Grief’ the Young Health Champions take it further! After the completion of the initial CEDAR ‘Life Lessons’ workshop, a focus group was created with the Young Health Champion participants to collect their feedback on the programme. They were very positive and the participants were requesting to learn more! So this led to the development of a second level of education that would allow more information to be taught about how to respond to grief and how to help others.…

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Katy’s Blog #4–Day of the Dead:

Cedar held the second day of ‘Life Lessons’ and all the Youth Health Champions turned up, including one more! This was not a surprise as it had been a captivating lesson that was held the day before, and so the participants seemed eager to learn more. On this day, we were introduced to the ‘Day of the Dead’, which sounds as if it is going to be about something morbid and yet on the contrary was full of colour, brightness,…

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Katy’s Blog#3 – Life Lessons Day 1

Dr Judith Wester introduced everyone to the first ‘Life Lesson’. Hold on a minute… surely we were here to learn about death and all the gruesome things associated with it- I was expecting morbid talks, counselling, gory details, crying and yet the workshop was being called ‘Life Lessons’. It was a surprising start and straight away we adjusted to the fact that we were going to be thrown a curve ball and have to start rethinking all we had previously…

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Introduction to ‘Life Lessons’

Katy’s Blog #2 My recent work with CEDAR has led me to participate and observe a fantastic group of young people following them on a journey into a new realm exploring and learning about a somewhat taboo, alternative and dare I say it ‘scary’ topic of death and dying. Adults may shy away from broaching this subject and some may think young people ought not even be thinking or speaking about a such topic – and yet every day young…

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Introducing Katy’s Blog

Written by Kathryn Walker Hi my name is Kathryn (Katy), and I am a Social Anthropologist. My practice encompasses observing and learning about the world in which we live. Through participating in the lives of other people I record the many facets of human diversity, explore the social and cultural customs and different ways of life and through field work and in-depth description compare, analyse and test theories that aim to understand human nature. Out of a fascination with life…

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Bare All With Death

Bare All with Death

Our cartoonist, Sam Price, was an art student at the University of Wolverhampton in the School of Art & Design when he drew this image for us in 2014. His humour shows through. Eventually, we will all have to ‘Bare all with Death’.

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CEDAR  Education
CEDAR  Education  is  dedicated  to  teaching everyone  how  to  understand,  accept  and  respond to  death,  dying  and  loss  in  healthy  and appropriate  ways  with  clients,  patients,  students, and  in  personal  relationships.

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