On Saturday, 15 March Judith Wester, Joyce Dyde and Sue Chalk of CEDAR took part in the Youth Health Champions (YHC) workshop for young people to improve and support the health and wellbeing of young people in the county. The goal was to recruit ten YHC participants to help CEDAR develop their Life Lessons programmes to teach young people how to understand, accept and respond to death appropriately. The Youth Health Champions will be mentored by CEDAR experts to help them set up and deliver peer support to those who have experienced a bereavement or want to learn more about death, dying and loss in order to reduce bullying, self-harming and other negative issues that can arise after a death has occurred.

CEDAR At Shropshire CCG Project

Judith Wester of CEDAR with James Tozer, Police Superintendent and Karen Higgins, YHC Project Manager

CEDAR was successful in finding ten young people interested in learning more about death from a social and cultural perspective in order to help others understand this inevitable part of life. In spite of what many may think, young people are as interested in death as any other aspect of life. We look forward to working with this wonderful group.

"I think what CEDAR does is really good and will get even better with YHC helping!"

Bradley Jones
Age 13

Tattoo of youth participant

Tattoo from one youth participant

Youth Participant

T-shirt of youth participant