End of life or “Death” Doulas support people in the end of life processes, much like a midwife or doula with the birthing process.

End of Life Doulas act in a non-medical way helping those who are dying, and their families, to be supported in any aspect of end of life care from helping people, for example, to navigate their way in the health and social care systems to supporting people by talking through their aspirations and wishes for their life and death. Their role can start from the point of diagnosis or later in the person’s journey to the end of life. End of life/Death Doulas work in a totally person centred way, taking into account the person’s emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical needs. Therefore, the role of a Doula for the dying is that of “companion, someone who has been there before and even though they might not know which route the journey will take, they aren’t afraid of the territory, they feel at home in the unknown” (Elliot H 2011) #deathdoula#endoflifecare#endoflifedoula#death#dying#terminalillness