Cultural Diversity in Perceptions of Death – 8th May, Shrewsbury


May 8


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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The Central

Palmer's Cafe Claremont Street, Shrewsbury, SY1 1QG

Shrewsbury, Shropshire, GB, SY1 1QG

Ever wondered how learning about other cultural perceptions of death might benefit the ways we greive in the UK? This is a great opportunity to explore the rites, rituals and cultural practices around death, dying and loss, which have engaged millions of people around the world who want to understand, accept and respond to death and loss.

Dr Wester, a death education specialist, has put together another fascinating programme for those wanting to help themselves and others to understand this inevitable part of life.

  • Chinese Ghost Marriage
  • Mexican Sugar Skulls
  • Kashubian Empty Chair
  • Latvian Woman in White
  • Native American – Dig a Hole

…to name but a few.

What do they mean and in what way might they be considered helpful to the bereaved?

Come and participate in another wonderful session with Dr Judith Wester.

Fee of £35.00 per person is payable in advance. Fees go to support our Life Lessons Programme for young people.

CEDAR  Education
CEDAR  Education  is  dedicated  to  teaching everyone  how  to  understand,  accept  and  respond to  death,  dying  and  loss  in  healthy  and appropriate  ways  with  clients,  patients,  students, and  in  personal  relationships.
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