Exploring approaches to support your choices/wishes towards the end of life – July 8th, ONLINE

Exploring approaches that support your choices and wishes towards the end of life

The session will give an overview of the dilemmas and practice issues related to the different ways we can plan ahead to have our choices and wishes met when nearing the end of life by considering:

What legal mechanisms there are to support us such as Lasting Powers of Attorney

What happens if you want to make, what others believe is an unwise decision about your care,or health matters for example

What is a best interest decision?

What is a living will or advanced directive and what is its status, does it have to be followed? Where does advanced care planning fit in?

What is an advanced decision to refuse medical treatment

What happens if others dont think the decisions being made on your behalf are in your best interests?

What happens if you make no plans for your end of life care- who decides for example where you may spend your last few days or hours of your life.

What is a will? Can others change it after your death?

Marion Dakin was a social worker for over 30 years, (now retired) and she holds a postgraduate qualification in social care law. Marion has personal experience in addressing end of life issues with a number of family members.

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