The loss of someone we love is one of the worst things that can happen to us, and yet we are seldom prepared for it when it happens. Most of us do not talk about #death or #dying, even when it becomes obvious that it is going to happen. Here at CEDAR, our mission is to bring Death Education to all ages, enabling people to know more and to feel more comfortable discussing #grief and #bereavement. There are different types of grief, from complicated grief which can happen under certain circumstances where, for example, feelings for the deceased are mixed or multiple deaths occur at once. Disenfranchised grief occurs when we, or other people, think we are not entitled to the grief we feel; a common example of this is when a beloved pet dies and people are expected to recover in days or even hours. We explain these concepts in our workshops with the aim that the more we understand these ideas, the easier it becomes to help each other. #grief#grieving#bereavement#death#dying#talkingaboutdeath#loss#ithappenstousall#azofdeath