Written by Kathryn Walker

Hi my name is Kathryn (Katy), and I am a Social Anthropologist. My practice encompasses observing and learning about the world in which we live. Through participating in the lives of other people I record the many facets of human diversity, explore the social and cultural customs and different ways of life and through field work and in-depth description compare, analyse and test theories that aim to understand human nature.
Out of a fascination with life and its counterpart, death, I have a great interest in Community Education in Death Awareness and Resources (CEDAR). Therefore when asked to come along and be a participant observer for new courses being developed and undertaken by CEDAR, I realised that there was something new and special going on that needed to be shared. So here I hope to share a few of my thoughts and findings with you as I experience them from an anthropologist’s perspective. This will include some of the challenges of teaching young people, adults and professionals about death in the 21st Century. Just as our perceptions of life changes, so do our perceptions of death.

Periodically, I will also share links to videos and other material I have explored around the topic of death you may find useful, so stay tuned!