Katy’s Blog #2

My recent work with CEDAR has led me to participate and observe a fantastic group of young people following them on a journey into a new realm exploring and learning about a somewhat taboo, alternative and dare I say it ‘scary’ topic of death and dying.

Adults may shy away from broaching this subject and some may think young people ought not even be thinking or speaking about a such topic – and yet every day young people are having to deal with death, bereavement, trauma, grief often suffering silently because of the stigma and taboo associated making it difficult to speak, express themselves and communicate their thoughts and feelings about death.

Following a group of 15-21 year olds explore the meanings associated with death and dying and hearing their thoughts has opened up my eyes into new ways and approaches of looking at the concept of death. I hope throughout this blog to allow insight into my findings as I follow them and participate with them on this journey.