The CEDAR CIC held another of its now popular ‘Life Lessons’ workshop, this time at the Grange Youth Centre, Shrewsbury. The participants were from the Young Health Champions NHS programme.  There were 6 young  participants from the programme and a volunteer who attended a previous session and wanted to get more involved in helping out.   This Life Lessons workshop had the youngest participants to date, ranging from age 10 up to 24.

The Life Lessons this time round involved some fascinating activities such as: art, aromatherapy, letter writing, show and tell of personal memory objects, and on the final day the very popular workshop that includes taking a Hawk for a Walk, with Feather Perfect Falconry. Here are some of the comments that the group shared with me as we experienced this Life Lessons workshop together, which shows to me that young people are displaying that they can and do want to learn and talk about death:

“I enjoyed the TED Talk videos of people talking about their experiences.  In the first, I learned of the final thoughts of a person facing imminent death. The Greek Mythology stories gave me an insight towards how other people conceptualise death.”

“I Love Death class”

“I like it because you know more facts about death and all the stories, and you also know the ways you could die and it’s really interesting and fun.”

“I thought they were great as death is something that can’t be ignored.”

“I think these lessons have been fun and productive”.

“I’ve had a lovely experience! It has not been a morbid experience, in fact anything but. I’ve applied myself to many things I previously would not have considered.  I’ve enjoyed sharing stories, listening to personal stories, finding people who have been in similar circumstances.  The varieties of ages enhance this experience further.”

“CEDAR Life Lessons are an amazing way to educate youths on death and life.”