Day of the Dead and the YHC promotional day with CEDAR C.I.C.

I was back again with the Young Health Champions and CEDAR C.I.C. as we celebrated the ‘Day of the Dead’ otherwise known as Halloween or all souls day. Not only was this a celebration at this most poignant time in our calendar, this was also the first day of opening for a new facility for the Young Health Champions in Shropshire.  Located at the Riverside shopping centre in Shrewsbury, the YHC now have a great space to perform activities and advertise themselves.  CEDAR’s director Judith Wester ran a day that involved decorating and painting Sugar skulls and dancing skeletons, and the Young Health Champions discussed how they personally celebrated their loved ones in remembrance.  One champion spoke of how in her family their grandmother lights a candle every time she hears of someone she knows has died, but now when they go and visit her, they see that her fireplace is covered with candles!  A sad story, but one that shows a beautiful remembrance in honour of those she has lost.  It is also a story that her grand-daughter would remember her grandmother by also.  During the day the group were visited by the Lady Mayor Beverly Baker of Shrewsbury, and members of the public that wanted to find out more about CEDAR.  It was a lovely way to celebrate the ‘Day of the Dead’ and the Youth Health Champions were able to show to others just how they are brave enough to champion their understanding in well-being by acknowledging those they had lost in a supportive way with other people.