‘Designs in Mind’ and The ‘Good Grief’ Leaf Project

On behalf of CEDAR CIC, I recently visited an inspiring group of people who meet every week in Oswestry at ‘Designs in Mind’, which was previously known as ‘The Project Group’. I interviewed a lady named Lianna who attends the group and she explained to me that everyone who goes to the group benefits greatly through making art and crafts and how this helps their mental health and wellbeing.  It was a special celebration day for the group as they launched their new name and in attendance on this day were the town Mayor John Gareth Jones and Shropshire Council leader Keith Barrow. Everyone I observed from the group was busy making and creating something – be it embroidery, drawing, or glassware, and at the time of my visit they showed me designs they were constructing for a new cook book. Lianna, together with two others, Chris and Jo, had chosen to accept the task of designing a leaf especially for CEDAR CIC using a variety of mediums.  The designs they created used materials such as felt, embroidered silk, and wooden designs to make the shape of our leaf design.  Dr Judith Wester, founder and creator of CEDAR CIC, came up with the idea for the ‘Good Grief’ Leaf and gained public consensus about which was the favourite leaf design among the ten designs created.  The wooden design was the majority choice for production as a pin badge.   I filmed the beginning of the production of the CEDAR ‘Good Grief’ leaf badge and here you can see my interview and the making of the leaf in progress.  The Leaf will become a badge as a symbol that people can wear if they are bereaved, grieving or wish to communicate their remembrance of a loved one they have lost.  I listened to Lianna’s story and here she explains in the film the difficult challenge that people have when they have lost someone; when trying to communicate their loss with others; and how other people also find it difficult to know whether to talk or approach somebody who is mourning. CEDAR CIC hopes the Good Grief Leaf will open the door to better communication at a time of loss. Here is the short film I made showing the making of the ‘Good Grief’ Leaf