Death Tarot 2CEDAR is launching our new Life Lessons programme for young people, which will run in Oswestry this year. The programme, which is sponsored by the office of John Campion Police & Crime Commissioner of West Mercia is also supported by the Shropshire NHS CCG Young Health Champions’ group and promises to be both rewarding and constructive. This year the new cohort of students will join graduates from the 2014/2015 group of ‘Dragon Riders’ to help create learning packs for schools to help teach all young people in secondary schools and colleges how to understand, accept and respond to death and loss appropriately among their peer group. The course will cover the history of death; notions of time, death and myth; social and cultural aspects of death; and why it is important to talk about it as well as talk to someone who has lost a loved one.

The course is free to young people who are interested in the topic of death as a subject, but in particular to young people who want to better understand different reactions to a bereavement and how to grow with this self-knowledge. There are three places left, so if anyone in the Oswestry area knows of a child who might be interested, please call us for more information on 01743 387330 and mention ‘Life Lessons’.