They say that one of the best ways to overcome a fear of something is to face the thing you fear most. This can be scary, but not impossible to do when it comes to learning to travel by airplane when you are afraid of flying; or getting in an elevator when you are afraid of small spaces; or standing on a bridge over a gully when you are afraid of heights. But what if that fear is of death? You cannot very well overcome such a fear by dying…it is most unnecessary, and not very practical. Nor should you start reading the obituaries on a regular basis to address your fear.

The most practical, appropriate, and healthy way to overcoming the fear of death, however, is to talk about it more. Especially, to talk about it with the people you love the most. Here is a good article to click on about just that from the Guardian Newspaper, 26 July 2017, which was also circulated on twitter by the wonderful @jimallthetime, Jim Hawkins in Shropshire and one of our directors, Nicky Kent of Social Heart CIC. I hope you gain some insight into how to start the conversation. But at CEDAR we are always here to help you on your way with our Upcoming Classes on Death Education.

We fear death, but what if dying isn’t as bad as we think?