by Irvin Yalom.
Dr Irvin Yalom is an author and renown American Existential psychiatrist in his mid-eighties who has taught his own psychotherapy theory and techniques alongside a private practice.
In Staring at the Sun, Yalom not only shares the links between the problems his patients shared with a fear of death and dying, but also shares his own terror of death and how he overcomes it. It is a book for professionals and anyone interested in living more consciously, and willing to consider their own mortality. There is a section at the back with questions and reflections that could be used for group work or a book group.
Throughout the author connects a lot of anxiety and psychological distress to an often-unacknowledged death anxiety. He describes some common traumatic life events as potential ‘awakening experiences’ that can provide an opportunity to recognise how transient life is and so chose to live more fully.