CEDAR founder receives Equality & Diversity award

Dr Judith Wester, founder of CEDAR Education, was one of the 8 co-founders of LGBT SAND to receive a National Spirit of the Age Award from AgeUk in 2017. SAND (Safe Ageing No Discrimination) was established to train healthcare providers in how to care for old and older LGBT persons as they start to require more care. Dr Wester is an advocate for the LGBT community and believes that everyone deserves appropriate care as they age, especially at end of…

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Katy’s Blog #11 – CEDAR CIC delivers research findings at Centre for Death & Society Conference 2015

Overall the conference was a great display of how the topic of death is an ever increasing subject of study, debate and research worldwide for professionals in numerous fields of study, whether it be medicine, sociology, anthropology, or psychology, and will continue to be a matter which undoubtedly sees professionals agreeing that death should be a topic which needs to be talked about.

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Katy’s Blog #10: Further Life Lessons for the Youth Health Champions

  The CEDAR CIC held another of its now popular ‘Life Lessons’ workshop, this time at the Grange Youth Centre, Shrewsbury. The participants were from the Young Health Champions NHS programme.  There were 6 young  participants from the programme and a volunteer who attended a previous session and wanted to get more involved in helping out.   This Life Lessons workshop had the youngest participants to date, ranging from age 10 up to 24. The Life Lessons this time round involved…

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CEDAR Supports the Peter Day Exhibition

Pictures of My Father – 21st March to 4th April Surface Gallery, 16 Southwell Road, Nottingham NG1 1DL CEDAR CIC is very pleased to be supporting this wonderful exhibition at the Surface Gallery in Nottingham. This exhibition came about as a means to explore personal grief and bereavement. Dr Day, a professional photographer and lecturer, chose his lens to help him explore what loss is, what it is not, and what is imagined in ‘nothingness’. Well worth seeing. Here is…

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Katy’s blog #8 ‘Designs in Mind’ and The ‘Good Grief’ Leaf Project

‘Designs in Mind’ and The ‘Good Grief’ Leaf Project On behalf of CEDAR CIC, I recently visited an inspiring group of people who meet every week in Oswestry at ‘Designs in Mind’, which was previously known as ‘The Project Group’. I interviewed a lady named Lianna who attends the group and she explained to me that everyone who goes to the group benefits greatly through making art and crafts and how this helps their mental health and wellbeing.  It was…

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thumbnail of KatyKaty’s Blog #7 -‘Day of the Dead’

  Day of the Dead and the YHC promotional day with CEDAR C.I.C. I was back again with the Young Health Champions and CEDAR C.I.C. as we celebrated the ‘Day of the Dead’ otherwise known as Halloween or all souls day. Not only was this a celebration at this most poignant time in our calendar, this was also the first day of opening for a new facility for the Young Health Champions in Shropshire.  Located at the Riverside shopping centre in…

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CEDAR Leaves on the Table

Katy’s Blog #6 – Good Grief

‘Good Grief’ the Young Health Champions take it further! After the completion of the initial CEDAR ‘Life Lessons’ workshop, a focus group was created with the Young Health Champion participants to collect their feedback on the programme. They were very positive and the participants were requesting to learn more! So this led to the development of a second level of education that would allow more information to be taught about how to respond to grief and how to help others.…

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