Always & Forever

Always and Forever – Alan Durant and Debi Gliori A story for young children that recognises sadness and loss when it can occur suddenly and unexpectedly, when someone who is close to us, part of the immediate family dies. This story acknowledges how shock and loss can change life, how difficult it can be to continue to enjoy life when someone you love dies, and you miss them so much. It gently and beautifully shows ways that you can carry on…

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Why the only future worth building includes everyone

Whether or not you follow a particular belief or have no belief, moral values in an age of anxiety will always be of benefit if you want your community to thrive. At CEDAR we strive to remain neutral in our teaching and understanding of death, dying and loss. This becomes particularly important in light of the 22 May 2017 bombing at the end of the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. Below is a special message from Pope Francis as he addresses…

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Michael Rosen's Sad Book

Michael Rosen’s Sad Book Review

Rosen, Michael (2004), Michael Rosen’s Sad Book, Walker Books As a trained bereavement counsellor of over three years, I was introduced to this book during a training session about working creatively with the bereaved. I have given the book to several clients to read during our work together and recommended it to many others. To purchase click: The Sad Book

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CEDAR  Education
CEDAR  Education  is  dedicated  to  teaching everyone  how  to  understand,  accept  and  respond to  death,  dying  and  loss  in  healthy  and appropriate  ways  with  clients,  patients,  students, and  in  personal  relationships.
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