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CEDAR founder receives Equality & Diversity award

Dr Judith Wester, founder of CEDAR Education, was one of the 8 co-founders of LGBT SAND to receive a National Spirit of the Age Award from AgeUk in 2017. SAND (Safe Ageing No Discrimination) was established to train healthcare providers in how to care for old and older LGBT persons as they start to require more care. Dr Wester is an advocate for the LGBT community and believes that everyone deserves appropriate care as they age, especially at end of…

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Being Mortal

by Atul Gawande – Atul Gawande is an author, surgeon and professor at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health. Being Mortal is for both professional and nonprofessional readers. It confronts the impact of our scientific advances on the way we approach death, and questions the direction our practices lead us to, and so invites consideration of alternative approaches and questions to the subject of our mortality. Drawing on both his patients and his personal experiences Gawande…

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Die Wise: a Manifesto for Soul and Sanity

by Stephen Jenkinson – Stephen Jenkinson is an activist, teacher, author and farmer. He is a consultant to palliative care and hospice organisations. Die Wise is for people who work with death and dying but just as useful to anyone who wishes to consider and prepare for your own death. The author asks the question why is it, that with the certainty of death facing us all, do we give it so little attention. Although this book is about dying,…

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Staring At The Sun: Being at peace with your own mortality: Overcoming the Dread of Death

by Irvin Yalom. Dr Irvin Yalom is an author and renown American Existential psychiatrist in his mid-eighties who has taught his own psychotherapy theory and techniques alongside a private practice. In Staring at the Sun, Yalom not only shares the links between the problems his patients shared with a fear of death and dying, but also shares his own terror of death and how he overcomes it. It is a book for professionals and anyone interested in living more consciously,…

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Grief Works, Stories of Life, Death and Surviving – Julia Samuel

Julia Samuel is a grief psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience working with families who have been bereaved. This is Samuels first book, and hopefully she will write more, she writes with clarity and kindness as she shares a wealth of understanding and information about grief. It is a valuable read for many professionals especially those in health, counselling and education. It is also helpful for anyone who has been or is supporting someone who is bereaved. The author…

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Cry, Heart, But Never Break

Glenn Ringtved, a Danish author, and Charlotte Pardi, a Danish illustrator, have created a wonderful book for young people about death and dying. I was recently introduced to ‘Cry, Heart, But Never Break’, and am so grateful as it is a book of great tenderness. The story tells of four children, brothers and sisters and how they react when death arrives for their Grandmother who they love dearly. It is a beautiful story that tells of the nature of life…

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Always & Forever

Always and Forever – Alan Durant and Debi Gliori A story for young children that recognises sadness and loss when it can occur suddenly and unexpectedly, when someone who is close to us, part of the immediate family dies. This story acknowledges how shock and loss can change life, how difficult it can be to continue to enjoy life when someone you love dies, and you miss them so much. It gently and beautifully shows ways that you can carry on…

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Understanding Grief

Understanding Grief – A brand new CEDAR Workshop with Dr Wester

Do you need to better understand and respond to death and dying while being more inclusive in how you communicate with those who are bereaved? Dr Judith Wester will be teaching two highly praised workshops to help the professional, parent, teacher and adults do just that. These are not-to-be missed opportunities to learn something new about the everyday issues of loss…For more details and how to book go to: Understanding Grief Workshop. We are also running a special workshop on…

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