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A Grief Observed

A Grief Observed Review

Lewis, CS (1961, 2013) A Grief Observed, London: Faber and Faber   CS LEWIS (1898-1963) was one of the intellectual giants of the twentieth century and arguably one of the most influential writers of his day. His most distinguished and popular accomplishments include Out of the Silent Planet, The Great Divorce, The Screwtape Letters, and the universally acknowledged classics, the Chronicles of Narnia. Nevertheless, CS Lewis was also a devoted husband who married late in life and like many widowers…

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Dead Line Project

The Dead Line Project

Dr Judith Wester of CEDAR participates in international Dead Line exhibition in Bristol produced by performance artist Jo Bannon. What are the questions that keep you awake at night? What are you afraid to ask about your own mortality? We can’t talk to the dead but we can talk to the living. Dead Line is a live encounter for audiences that creates a space to talk a little more openly about fears, hopes and desires for the living and dying.

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CEDAR  Education
CEDAR  Education  is  dedicated  to  teaching everyone  how  to  understand,  accept  and  respond to  death,  dying  and  loss  in  healthy  and appropriate  ways  with  clients,  patients,  students, and  in  personal  relationships.
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