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Working Together

CEDAR EDUCATION now has a Youth Advisory Team that works with us to help us make sure our death education courses for young people are interactive and engaging enough for the curious mind. They not only tell us if a lesson is b-o-r-i-n-g, but they offer unique and effective suggestions on how to make each lesson more enticing for their age group. Keep watching these pages to see how much they have had to offer our Life Lessons team and…

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New Life Lessons!

CEDAR is launching our new Life Lessons programme for young people, which will run in Oswestry this year. The programme, which is sponsored by the office of John Campion Police & Crime Commissioner of West Mercia is also supported by the Shropshire NHS CCG Young Health Champions’ group and promises to be both rewarding and constructive. This year the new cohort of students will join graduates from the 2014/2015 group of ‘Dragon Riders’ to help create learning packs for schools to…

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The Graveyard Book Review

The novel is particularly poignant in its portrayal of the often isolating feeling of loss, alongside the crucial role that communities, friends and family can play in overcoming this.

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Katy’s Blog #10: Further Life Lessons for the Youth Health Champions

  The CEDAR CIC held another of its now popular ‘Life Lessons’ workshop, this time at the Grange Youth Centre, Shrewsbury. The participants were from the Young Health Champions NHS programme.  There were 6 young  participants from the programme and a volunteer who attended a previous session and wanted to get more involved in helping out.   This Life Lessons workshop had the youngest participants to date, ranging from age 10 up to 24. The Life Lessons this time round involved…

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CEDAR CIC Luncheon with the NHS, The Grange School, And Young Health Champions team

             Recently CEDAR CIC hosted a luncheon and invited along previous attendees of one of the Life lessons workshops. These were students from The Grange high school in Shrewsbury, together with representatives from The Youth Health Champion programme that have been working with and supporting CEDAR Life lessons.    Also CEDAR had the honour of a special guest Mr Giles Wilmore who is Director for Patient & Public Voice & Information, NHS England. The luncheon was a chance for Mr…

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Katy’s Blog #4–Day of the Dead:

Cedar held the second day of ‘Life Lessons’ and all the Youth Health Champions turned up, including one more! This was not a surprise as it had been a captivating lesson that was held the day before, and so the participants seemed eager to learn more. On this day, we were introduced to the ‘Day of the Dead’, which sounds as if it is going to be about something morbid and yet on the contrary was full of colour, brightness,…

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Introduction to ‘Life Lessons’

Katy’s Blog #2 My recent work with CEDAR has led me to participate and observe a fantastic group of young people following them on a journey into a new realm exploring and learning about a somewhat taboo, alternative and dare I say it ‘scary’ topic of death and dying. Adults may shy away from broaching this subject and some may think young people ought not even be thinking or speaking about a such topic – and yet every day young…

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