CEDAR has been very busy delivering Life Lessons, Good Grief, and helping the Young Health Champions (YHC) launch their new space in the Riverside Mall in the Shrewsbury Town Centre. If you have not been there yet go. It is a great space to talk, do some fun activities and get into some very interesting discussions.

On Saturday (1 Nov) Mexican Day of the Dead, we discussed life and death and the UK educational system. All heady stuff you might think…but we also ate chocolate eyeballs, made colourful sugar skull images and had zombie and mummy races. Who says you can’t change the world while having fun too!

We also had a visit by our Madam Mayor Beverly Baker, who brought balloons and good luck wishes. She had a great talk with the Champions and took some of the youths away with her to “Walk the Mall’ and attend a Mental Health Chat group.

If you want more information about the YHC and how to get involved in some of their marvellous events and training that includes the CEDAR Life Lessons project among many others, please contact Lorraine Warrender at lorraine.warrender@shropshire.gov.uk or call her on 07990 087001. She is a great person to talk to, so do not miss out.