Death Education


Community Education in Death Awareness & Resources (CEDAR) is an educational organisation dedicated to teaching people about death, dying, and disposal (including rituals). This includes classes on the social and cultural aspects of death and how this event, which occurs in everyone’s life, can affect an individual, family or community.

The purpose of our classes is to help you explore the positive and negative ways in which people talk about death or avoid talking about death and why. The goal is fivefold:

  1. To raise your awareness of that which is inevitable — everybody dies;
  2. To help you prepare for your own death no matter how far into the future it may be;
  3. To increase your confidence to respond to others when they are suffering from a personal loss; and
  4. To help everyone adjust to life after a loved one dies;
  5. Most importantly, death education will broaden your awareness of life.

Our educational programmes include issues around long-term terminal illness, sudden and traumatic death (such as suicide, homicide and accidental), and anonymous death (when no body is found). We also look at pet loss, cultural views, and permanent separation from a loved one. Click: Types of Workshops to see what we cover in our programme.

Both our Thinking Differently about death blogs include discussions around belief systems, rituals, and ethnic differences in grief and bereavement, among other ideas. For example we explore socio-cultural views about death through history, myth and time.

We aim to explore some of the many varied ways we as humans attempt to understand one of our greatest mysteries—what is death? We hope you get something from this website you find useful and pass-it-on to someone you love.

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CEDAR  Education
CEDAR  Education  is  dedicated  to  teaching everyone  how  to  understand,  accept  and  respond to  death,  dying  and  loss  in  healthy  and appropriate  ways  with  clients,  patients,  students, and  in  personal  relationships.

CEDAR Education is proud to have won the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service